Hybrid Mattress - ushamattress

Hybrid Mattress

Combination of NASA certified pressure relieving memory foam and pocket spring in Euro Top style.... ..

Rs. 18,819.00 Rs. 63,540.00

Reboot Mattress - ushamattress

Reboot Mattress

Pocket Spring mattress with HR latex foam. Exceptional back support and pressure management. Zero disturbance... ..

Rs. 10,985.00 Rs. 39,078.00

Bond Mattress - ushamattress

Bond Mattress

Luxury rebonded compressed foam mattress. Firm back support Premium knitted fabric for cozy feel ..

Rs. 7,048.00 Rs. 25,603.00

Active Mattress - ushamattress

Active Mattress

Core of high resilient cell structure(HRCS) foam ensures cooling of body temperature. Imported Turkish heat... ..

Rs. 6,380.00 Rs. 22,122.00